Games Registration

Registering for games is easy. First, you will need to create an athlete profile for yourself. This will be kept in our database, so you will only have to do this one time (although you can change it whenever you like). You will also need to choose a password, so that nobody else can access your information, or register (or unregister) you for games.

Once that's done, you can register for games. Most games will open registration four weeks before the games, but some will vary.

Step 1: Review and update your athlete profile,

or, if you aren't currently in our system,

create a new athlete profile for yourself.

Step 1a: Choose your hometown games

(for athletes who competed in at least three MASA games last year)

Step 2: Register for:

No registrations are currently open.

Step 3: IN MOST CASES pay $15 registration fee via Paypal:

For most games, you will asked to pay a registration fee via the Paypal button at the end of the registration process. If you do not pay immediately, you can come back to this page later and pay here. A Paypal account is not necessary; you can use a credit card. You may not be asked to pay. We do not charge a registration fee if the festival charges its own fee. Currently this only applies to the Southern Maryland games

Step 4: Check the message board for the registration list, the waiting list (if necessary) and for any instructions or changes.

See the 2023 schedule for a list of all MASA games and their registration dates.