North American Scottish Games Association (NASGA) NASGA was founded in 1976 and is dedicated to the promotion and understanding of Scottish Heavy Events competition in North America and to inform athletes, judges, officials, and all other interested persons of news and results of Scottish Highland Games held throughout North America.
Southeast Scottish Amateur Athletics Association (SSAAA) Southeast Scottish Amateur Athletics, Inc. (SSAA) is an organization dedicated to the amateur Highland Games athlete. Our goals are (1) to offer support and training for the amateur athlete, (2) to foster the relationship of the athlete with his Clan and other aspects of the Games, and (3) to provide news and information regarding amateur Highland Games competition.
Scottish American Athletic Association (SAAA) The Scottish American Athletic Association (S.A.A.A.) is an organization of Heavy Events athletes. Its purpose is to promote the sport and provide for the best interests of the heavy events athlete. To this end the S.A.A.A. sanctions athletic events, certifies judges, establishes standardized rules, weighs and certifies implements, records and publishes game scores, plus much more.
Scottish Heavy Athletics One of the original highland games web sites, Tony Dziepak's excellent site has great information on training, technique, equipment and more.
Ultimate Heavy Athletics (UHA) Highland Games are the modern continuation of an ancient Celtic tradition. One popular aspect of any Highland Festival is the athletic competition, or games. Each of the 9 events test the athletes strength and skill. "Ultimate Heavy Athletics" takes this traditional sport and brings it to television with top professional athletes and performances at some of the largest Highland Festivals in the world. Tapes and DVDs of all their programming is also available. Official home of highland games records (world, amateur, US, women's, etc.), historical info, videos, photos, and more. Also hosts the MASA web site.
Clan MacLachlan Association The most complete and up-to-date listing of Highland Games around the world.
Rocky Mountain Scottish Athletics (RMSA) The source for Midwest games and athletic information...
VP Productions (Vierra-Pauli) V.P. Productions was formed by Ryan Vierra of California (current Heavy Events World Champion) and Kurt Pauli of Michigan and is intended to help beginners in the Scottish Heavy Events learn the throwing techniques and to make quality videos of championship competitions.
Ironmind "STRONGER MINDS, STRONGER BODIES" Publisher of MILO a quarterly journal that covers the Heavy Events as well as Strongman and other related subjects.
Alberta Scottish Athletic Association (ASAA) The Alberta Scottish Athletic Association is a non-profit society for those athletes in and around Alberta who have shown a more dedicated interest in Scottish Heavy Athletics and the promotion of the Games.
Virginia Scottish Games Association VSGA celebrates Alexandria's Scottish Heritage with Scottish Athletics, Dancing, Music, Crafts, Food and other fascinating Scottish events.
Long and Strong L&S Thrower's Club started as a club local to south central PA and has grown into a National club with throwers of all ages, ability levels, and events. All throwing events in track as well as the Highland Games are included in the web site. The club also publishes a magazine called the Long & Strong Thrower's Journal. The quarterly mag is dedicated to throwing of all kinds. Required reading for serious throwers.
Iron Sport Gym Steve Pulcinella President Steve's credentials are impressive to say the least. Starting out as a teenage bodybuilder with the size of a pro, Steve made the jump to powerlifting after realizing that his talents would be better served in the strength arena. After a string of first-place finishes, he turned his sights to strongman competition. By capturing the North America's Strongest Man title, he earned a trip to the 1994 World's Strongest Man contest in Sun City, South Africa. Since then, Steve has been terrorizing the professional Scottish Games circuit. His brutal strength combined with his explosive quickness make him one of the most feared among the pros. He's always on hand here at Iron Sport to help young athlete's build strength so that they can push their potential in the sporting arena.